Credit Sesame Review

Credit Sesame Review

Credit Sesame is a credit, debt, and loan management platform that providesCredit Sesame Financial Analysis and Online Tools 100% free credit scores, credit monitoring, credit report card, identity theft protection, and saving recommendations. They have been in business since 2010, and from that time on have been helping consumers repair their credit.

Credit Sesame is BBB (Better Business Bureau) certified and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Today, and The New York Times.

Credit Sesame Review
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Available Products

Credit Sesame provides a full suite of credit features so that you can keep track of your credit standing. These services do not require any trials, credit cards, or commitments. The products that are available are:

  • Free Credit Monitoring – Real-time daily alerts sent by text or email if changes occur on your credit reports as soon as they happen to help deter identity theft or errors on your credit reports, helping you improve your overall credit score and financial health.
  • Free Monthly Credit Score – Monthly credit scores and debts from Transunion VantageScore, compiled with advanced analytics to customize recommendations on credit cards and loans. This gives you a look at your overall financial picture with objective savings recommendations for your debts.
  • Free Credit Report Card – Full credit report card analysis which tracks your credit accounts, debts and a complete, comprehensive look at your credit activity.
  • Free Identity Theft Protection – $50,000 in identity theft insurance and live support to guide you through the identity restoration process.

In addition to the features above you can download the Credit Sesame mobile app to receive the real-time notifications that are available. Credit Sesame also provides financial tools and personalized recommendations to help you save money on accounts that are on your credit profile.

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Additional Benefits

Credit Sesame is also a financial advising center that provides ways to save money on a home, auto, credit cards, and loans. There are also credit cards options that are aligned with your credit rating, home value estimates, and trending graphs that monitor your savings and are easy to use. These benefits include:

  • Mortgage Loan Research Center – Analytics engine that compares debt and credit score profile to match you with best mortgage options and rates.
  • Mortgage Calculator – Provides a visual projection of potential home loansFinancial Services rates; information about loan details must be input into the mortgage calculator.
  • Auto Loan Rates – Provides information on the blog and how to improve your credit so that you can land a great interest rate.
  • Auto Insurance – Rate provider tool matches you with the best rates and providers that match your needs.
  • Free Credit Strategy
  • Student and Personal Loans – Different loan options for repayment or refinance with different payment plans for all situations.
  • CD Rates
  • Savings Accounts – Information on different saving methods.

In addition to free services, Credit Sesame also provides premium services for those that want extra protection which consists of a full spectrum of credit monitoring from all 3 credit bureaus. Premium services include:

  • Unlimited Daily Credit Score Updates
  • Downloadable Monthly Credit Report
  • Social Security Number Monitoring
  • $1,000,000 Identity Theft Insurance
  • Dispute Resolution 24/7 Live Help

The premium services offered correspond to the regular products with their being 4 differences; the amount of identity theft protection doubles from $50,000 to $1,000,000, credit score updates are unlimited instead of 1/month, social security number monitoring, the credit score updates are from all 3 credit bureaus instead of only Transunion.


The Credit Sesame support platform consists of:

  • Q & A Forum – Hosted by financial experts that you can trust in a secure environment enabling categorical searches such as credit score, insurance, credit cards, loans, and mortgage.
  • FAQ Section – Includes troubleshooting, credit questions, advice and recommendations, general questions and debts questions.
  • Email Support – When all else fails you can ask your questions directly and get your response from their credit experts.
  • Credit Sesame Expert Corner – Latest expert advice and commentary from their expert John Ulzheimer who was formerly employed with FICO and Equifax. His advice has been published 3000+ times in materials like CBS MoneyWatch, Forbes, Bankrate, TIME, Yahoo Finance and more.
  • Blog – Includes guides on mortgage down payments, student loans and defaults, personal/business credit, and credit score information.

With these services, you have a platform that will give you immediate access to the answers that you are needing exactly when you need them.

And the Verdict Is…

Credit Sesame is a great platform that provides your credit and debt information in one location. Not only do they provide you with the necessary tools to successfully monitor and improve your credit; they also give you the tools to help you on your journey to financial freedom. There is also a blog filled with a plethora of credit and financial information and a Q&A platform with answers from financial experts to help you along the way. Don’t wait for a second longer! Click here or on the picture below to get started on your road to financial independence!

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2 thoughts to “Credit Sesame Review”

  1. There comes a time when one needs to face the truth of how bad in ‘money debt,’ he or she really is in.

    I can finally say that my time has come now and I need to stop running around and denying the fact that I need help with money management.

    Your review of Credit Sesame had given me the hope that I was looking for. I want to get out of this hole that I am in, and also want someone to help direct me into a direction whereby I can make intelligent money decisions.

    I will be giving these guys a go. Thanks for all the help.

    1. Realizing that you have a money management problem is the first step and resolving it, congratulations!

      I am glad that you found my article helpful, Credit Sesame is a great service. They will get you going in the right direction. If there are any other questions that I may answer for you feel free to ask! You are very welcome for the help, good luck to you.

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