Intuit Mint Review

In this article, I am going to be providing you with an honest, unbiased review of the budgeting suite Intuit Mint, or Mint for short. In addition to helping youIntuit mint logo manage your money, Mint has an intuitive interface, helps you manage your 401K, other investments, and bill payment service. Mint also helps you find savings on services like insurance, credit card, loans, and bank accounts. What I like most about Mint is that you can link your bank counts, utility bills, and credit account so that you can manage all in one place. Mint is 100% FREE, so it fits into all budgets!

Intuit Mint Review
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Available Features

  • Bill Payment – Schedule bill payments, receive the bill due-date notificationsMint Features Overview and track all finances under one location.
  • Investments Tracking – Investments are a huge part of your financial health; this feature enables you to stay on top of your portfolio. Instant view of asset allocations for all investments such as mutual funds, 401K, IRA’s and brokerage accounts.
  • Credit Recommendations – Personalized credit card, insurance, bank account, lending, and investment options provided.
  • Account Link/Management – Ability to link all bank accounts, credit accounts,Mint Linked to personal accounts and utility accounts into the database.
  • Easy budgeting – This feature calculates your spending habits by category which enables you to create a budget with your spending patterns in mind. Budgets can be adjusted from the auto-suggestions.
  • Free Credit Score – No credit cards required, after identity verification a free credit summary will be provided with credit education and alerts whenever new credit information is received by Equifax.Mint Credit Score Overview
  • Alerts and advice – Get alerts when bills are due, fees are charged, over on your budget, or any suspicious transactions are in process.
  • Simple categorization – Default categories for spending which are easy to rename, also able to add own categories for spending habits/budget
  • Security – With all the personal information housed within the Mint platform securing information is of the utmost importance. Multi-factor authentication is included as well as the ability to remotely delete all account information ifMint weekly summary needed. Security scanning with Verisign ensures sensitive data transfer is secure.

As you can see, Mint has plenty of features so that you can monitor and track your finances as well as your credit.

Additionally, you are able to set up notifications so that you are always up-to-date on the status of your finances.

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  • Mint Help – Featured questions, bill pay, accounts and transactions, login and multi-factor authentication, ability to search the entire site for specific answers.
  • Blog – Bankruptcy A-Z, credit information, travel tips, investing advice, moneyMint Help options audit, food budgets, housing finances and more topics for your review.
  • Sitemap – All pages listed by category or topics contained within the website.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Mint is an intuitive platform that is everything one needs for budgeting, managing finances, and credit all in one place. There is no need tomint sign up login to multiple platforms any longer. I have no negative findings except that reporting can be delayed from 1-3 days when the system is gathering updated bank account balances, account payments, or fees that have been charged.

You can say goodbye to late fees as the payment notifications and bill due dates approaching come right on time.

Mint has a sitemap which is separated into categories that make it easy to find the topics or answers to the questions that you are searching for. The user interface is very friendly and easy to use, even for those that are not tech savvy.

Start managing your finance now, registration is free and easy, you can sign up by clicking here.

If you have any further questions or comments feel free to email me at or leave your comment below.

budget on mobile phone application

Money Saving Techniques

A crucial part of restoring your credit is money. To be able to pay your bills onStack of $100 bills time requires money. Being able to start paying off your debts also requires money. When I say debts, I am referring to the past due bills that are being reported as negative items on your credit report. Those debts are usually the accounts that are most likely being reported on your credit reports by collection agencies. I have listed below some money saving tips that you can try to help you with saving money so that you can build your emergency fund. In addition to the emergency fund you will be able to start paying off your debts and become debt free.

30-day Rule

Avoid making spontaneous purchases. Make it a golden-rule to wait it out for 30 days before making any new purchases. This will save you from the usual buyer’s remorse that usually occurs the morning after. You will also have time to reflect on if the purchase is a necessity or not.

Avoid Fast Food

Not only is fast food bad for your health, but it is also bad for your financial health. If you are wanting to make cuts in your budget, cooking your meals at home is a quick way to save some serious cash. What you spend on one fast food for one person could easily be one meal for the family. If you are not sure where to start there are plenty of ideas on the web.

Design Your Debt Snowball

One of the most important parts of saving money is paying off your debts. The less debt you have, the more money you will have available to save. With the  debt snowball method, there are 2 repeated steps:

  1. List debts from smallest to largest
  2. Make minimum payments on all debts except the smallest – put as much money as you can on that one. Once that debt is gone you move on to the next smallest debt until they are all gone.

It would be wise to incorporate the largest interest rate to the first debts being paid off.

Join Every Free Rewards Program You can

Joining any free reward program that you can find. This can be at your local grocery store or local pharmacy. There are many different types of stores that have rewards programs that allow you to earn points for every dollar that you spend.

Write Shopping List and Stick to It

Before you go to the store make sure to write a shopping list. This will helpsaved dollar bills prevent impulse buys. Do not buy anything that is not on the list. This will ensure that you are not buying unnecessary items.

Entertain at Home Instead of Going Out

Eating out and going out are expensive. You will be surprised at how much money you save by inviting friends over for a barbeque or a game of cards. An even better idea is to have friends pitch-in for dinner. These things will be more rewarding then going out for entertainment and mood0

Negotiate Lower Interest Rate on Credit Cards

If you have even one credit card that carries a balance, you are paying interest on that balance. Consumers have the right to call and negotiate lower interest rates on their credit cards.

Cancel club memberships and magazine subscriptions

Do you have any old, forgotten club memberships? How about piles of unused magazines laying around the house? These accounts have the potential to save you a lot of money. Most likely they are not even being used, so cancel them. You will be surprised the amount of money this adds to your budget. You probably won’t even miss these services.

Fix Broken Items in Your Household on Your Own

Instead of hiring a handyman to fix broken items in your home, first try to fix them yourself. There are thousands of do it yourself videos on the web which show you how to do many different tasks. I’m willing to bet money on it. The best place that I find for DIY videos is YouTube. This tip alone can save you thousands of dollars.

Make Budget and Stick to It

Plan your budget. When the ink dries make sure you follow it. Do not live outside of your means. There are apps that can assist you with saving and budgeting. I have a couple of resources below which can help you with saving more money and your budget.

Saving money takes dedication and focus. You can do it! Fortunately, there are resources available that can assist you in your journey. My personal favorites are Trim, Personal Capital, Paribus and Shrinkabill.


Trim is a virtual personal assistant application integrated with artificial intelligence that works to save you money. This program will review all your bills, subscriptions, credit cards to see where you can save, cancel old subscriptions and fight fees on your bills and accounts. Trim also helps you save for your retirement, makes basic financial decisions and repeatedly checks your previous spending and automatically tries to recover and lower your costs. It is a must-have for those who have a working goal to save money.

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is your one-stop shop for your finances. It houses state-of-the-art financial software that allows you to set a budget, calculate your net-worth, manage investment accounts and plan for retirement. You can sign up for Personal Capital’s services for free. You even have access to an advisor to provide advice on retirement savings, college and starting a business.budget on mobile phone application


Paribus is an app that tracks your online purchases for automatic price-drop refunds. For the app to be able to do its job it must have access to your email and you must keep a credit card on file. Whenever the price drops on any purchase you made online Paribus will file the adjustment claim on your behalf. This is an awesome app. I highly recommend it.


Shrinkabill is a service that negotiates lower payments on your current bills. These bills include cable/satellite tv, internet, cell phone, home security,Shrinkabill Logo satellite radio and home automation. This is an awesome service and it is free unless they are successful in getting you a lower rate on your bill. Shrinkabill can help you save up to 35% on these bills and has been seen in CBS Money Watch, TIME Magazine and US News. They also have a referral program.

With your focus, these steps should pay off handsomely. If you have any further questions feel free to post them below.