Ways to Protect Your Identity

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As you all know 143 million people were affected by the Equifax Data Breach. There are steps that you must take to protect yourself from identity theft and fraud. Consumer information that was stolen from Equifax consisted of Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, credit card numbers so it is in your best interest to take the necessary steps to prevent any further damage.  Below I have listed ways to protect your identity if your personal information was compromised.

Check Equifax Website to See if Your Information Breached

To verify whether your information has been hacked you need to go to https://www.equifaxsecurity2017.com/ scroll down to the Am I Impacted? tab and click on it. The next page will have a red Am I Impacted? tab click on that. You will be routed to another page where you enter your last name and the last 6 digits of your SSN then click continue.

Pull Credit Reports and Review for Unrecognized Accounts


You will need to pull all 3 of your credit reports, Experian, Transunion, and Equifax, to ensure that there is no fraudulent activity present. You can do this at myfico.com, creditsesame.com. If you see any accounts that you did not open, dispute these immediately.

File a Police Report

If you have confirmed that you are a victim of fraud or identity theft, file a police report immediately. You can call your local police station to come to you to make a report or you can go down to the local police station to do so. After you have your report and case number file it with the credit bureaus.

online application to file a police report

Put a Security Freeze on Your Credit

You can do this by phone or online, due to hold times it is easier to do this online if you have access to a computer. For Experian’s security freeze center go here https://www.experian.com/freeze/center.html, for Transunion’s security freeze center go here  https://freeze.transunion.com, Equifax’s security freeze go here https://www.freeze.equifax.com. You will be walked through the steps. You will create a pin number for Transunion and Experian, Equifax will issue you a pin number. The pin number is for your future use when you need to temporarily lift or remove the security freeze.

Put a Fraud Alert on Your Credit File

You will need to contact at least one of the credit bureaus to add a fraud alert to your credit file. If you add the fraud alert to at least one of the 3 credit bureaus the other 2 will be notified and add a fraud alert. I chose Experian because it is easy to place one there with your personal information. To add a fraud alert, go here https://www.experian.com/fraud/center.html . This will make it so that when any account is applied for the creditor must go through extra steps to approve the account. You will also receive a call for confirmation that it was you initiate the account request to be opened.

Monitor Your Credit – Sign Up for Credit Monitoring Service

If you sign up for a credit monitoring service you can rest assured that you will know what it is going on with your credit immediately. Credit monitoring services have alerts that can be sent to your email and your phone by text if there is any activity at all on your credit reports. I recommend Transunion, MyFico and Smarter Scores. You can access all three of your credit reports here.

Sign Up for Identity Protection

To prevent being a victim of Identity theft you should sign up for an identity protection program. I recommend Identity Force or Watchman Identity. With these services, you will be notified if someone tries to use your information for anything. More importantly their attempts will be stopped. These services also provide identity restoration services.


I hope this helps. These are the best ways to protect against identity theft. Also, if your information was stolen, the above instructions will protect you against any further damage. Feel free to ask any questions if you have any I will get back with you asap.

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Money Saving Techniques

A crucial part of restoring your credit is money. To be able to pay your bills onStack of $100 bills time requires money. Being able to start paying off your debts also requires money. When I say debts, I am referring to the past due bills that are being reported as negative items on your credit report. Those debts are usually the accounts that are most likely being reported on your credit reports by collection agencies. I have listed below some money saving tips that you can try to help you with saving money so that you can build your emergency fund. In addition to the emergency fund you will be able to start paying off your debts and become debt free.

30-day Rule

Avoid making spontaneous purchases. Make it a golden-rule to wait it out for 30 days before making any new purchases. This will save you from the usual buyer’s remorse that usually occurs the morning after. You will also have time to reflect on if the purchase is a necessity or not.

Avoid Fast Food

Not only is fast food bad for your health, but it is also bad for your financial health. If you are wanting to make cuts in your budget, cooking your meals at home is a quick way to save some serious cash. What you spend on one fast food for one person could easily be one meal for the family. If you are not sure where to start there are plenty of ideas on the web.

Design Your Debt Snowball

One of the most important parts of saving money is paying off your debts. The less debt you have, the more money you will have available to save. With the  debt snowball method, there are 2 repeated steps:

  1. List debts from smallest to largest
  2. Make minimum payments on all debts except the smallest – put as much money as you can on that one. Once that debt is gone you move on to the next smallest debt until they are all gone.

It would be wise to incorporate the largest interest rate to the first debts being paid off.

Join Every Free Rewards Program You can

Joining any free reward program that you can find. This can be at your local grocery store or local pharmacy. There are many different types of stores that have rewards programs that allow you to earn points for every dollar that you spend.

Write Shopping List and Stick to It

Before you go to the store make sure to write a shopping list. This will helpsaved dollar bills prevent impulse buys. Do not buy anything that is not on the list. This will ensure that you are not buying unnecessary items.

Entertain at Home Instead of Going Out

Eating out and going out are expensive. You will be surprised at how much money you save by inviting friends over for a barbeque or a game of cards. An even better idea is to have friends pitch-in for dinner. These things will be more rewarding then going out for entertainment and mood0

Negotiate Lower Interest Rate on Credit Cards

If you have even one credit card that carries a balance, you are paying interest on that balance. Consumers have the right to call and negotiate lower interest rates on their credit cards.

Cancel club memberships and magazine subscriptions

Do you have any old, forgotten club memberships? How about piles of unused magazines laying around the house? These accounts have the potential to save you a lot of money. Most likely they are not even being used, so cancel them. You will be surprised the amount of money this adds to your budget. You probably won’t even miss these services.

Fix Broken Items in Your Household on Your Own

Instead of hiring a handyman to fix broken items in your home, first try to fix them yourself. There are thousands of do it yourself videos on the web which show you how to do many different tasks. I’m willing to bet money on it. The best place that I find for DIY videos is YouTube. This tip alone can save you thousands of dollars.

Make Budget and Stick to It

Plan your budget. When the ink dries make sure you follow it. Do not live outside of your means. There are apps that can assist you with saving and budgeting. I have a couple of resources below which can help you with saving more money and your budget.

Saving money takes dedication and focus. You can do it! Fortunately, there are resources available that can assist you in your journey. My personal favorites are Trim, Personal Capital, Paribus and Shrinkabill.


Trim is a virtual personal assistant application integrated with artificial intelligence that works to save you money. This program will review all your bills, subscriptions, credit cards to see where you can save, cancel old subscriptions and fight fees on your bills and accounts. Trim also helps you save for your retirement, makes basic financial decisions and repeatedly checks your previous spending and automatically tries to recover and lower your costs. It is a must-have for those who have a working goal to save money.

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is your one-stop shop for your finances. It houses state-of-the-art financial software that allows you to set a budget, calculate your net-worth, manage investment accounts and plan for retirement. You can sign up for Personal Capital’s services for free. You even have access to an advisor to provide advice on retirement savings, college and starting a business.budget on mobile phone application


Paribus is an app that tracks your online purchases for automatic price-drop refunds. For the app to be able to do its job it must have access to your email and you must keep a credit card on file. Whenever the price drops on any purchase you made online Paribus will file the adjustment claim on your behalf. This is an awesome app. I highly recommend it.


Shrinkabill is a service that negotiates lower payments on your current bills. These bills include cable/satellite tv, internet, cell phone, home security,Shrinkabill Logo satellite radio and home automation. This is an awesome service and it is free unless they are successful in getting you a lower rate on your bill. Shrinkabill can help you save up to 35% on these bills and has been seen in CBS Money Watch, TIME Magazine and US News. They also have a referral program.

With your focus, these steps should pay off handsomely. If you have any further questions feel free to post them below.

Equifax Data Breach

On September 7, 2017 Equifax announced that approximately 143 million US consumers have been potentially impacted by a cybersecurity incident within their institution. Based on the investigation a US website application was exploited and certain files were accessed from mid-May through July 2017. The files included very sensitive information such as: Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses and driver’s license numbers. Additionally, approximately 209,000 consumers credit card numbers, 182,000 dispute documents with personal identifying information of US consumers were also found to be breached.

Equifax also reported that there is limited personal information for specific UK and Canadian residents that were found to have been accessed by unauthorized persons. For now, no other country residents have been impacted by this breach. Equifax only discovered the unauthorized access of their database on July 29 of this year. They have hired an independent firm to assist and they have notified law enforcement although they claim that the investigation is almost complete and will be ending in a few weeks.

I urge everyone to go to www.equifaxsecurity2017.com to verify whether your information has been impacted. When you get to this page scroll to the bottom and click on the potential impact tab. The next page will have another tab that you need to click on, check potential impact. You will be directed to another page where you will need to enter your last name and the last six-digits of your Social Security number. You will also need to check the “I’m not a robot” box then click on the continue tab.

Unfortunately, I am one of the 143 million US consumers whose sensitive information has been impacted. Equifax is providing a complimentary TrustedID Premier subscription for those that are affected. After the system notifies you that your information has been breached you are issued a date to come back to the Equifax website to complete enrollment. My date was 2 days later. In the meantime, I recommend freezing your credit reports as I did. Equifax’s system would not allow me to freeze my reports but I did do so with Experian and Transunion. I also reviewed my credit reports with a fine-toothed comb. In addition to that I put a fraud alert on my credit reports. You can never be too careful. To easily check all three of your credit reports simultaneously you can do so at MyFico.com or CreditRepair.com or MyFreeScoreNow.com.

If anyone has any questions for me please don’t hesitate to ask. You only get one identity. I will be checking for updates and will be posting them as they are made available. I am available if anyone needs any clarification at all.


New Credit Report Changes

There are more changes on the horizon for consumers’ credit reports. Effective September 15th the three major credit reporting agencies – Experian, Transunion, and Equifax – will have a 180-day waiting period prior to including medical debts on credit reports. This will allow for more than enough time for any delayed payments and disputes with insurers to be resolved.

In addition to the six-month reporting delay, the three national credit bureaus will delete medical bills off consumer credit reports when payments are being received by the insurer. Currently, paid and unpaid medical bills are reported and cannot be removed from consumer credit reports until the seven-year period is over. Although, there are some credit scoring models that don’t penalize paid medical debts regardless of the source.

According to the CFPB (Consumer Finance Protection Bureau) 2014 study over half of all debt that appears on credit reports are medical expenditures; for 15 million consumers, medical debts were the only derogatory items on their credit reports. This is a staggering number. This new change is great news for many consumers as this will undoubtedly cause an increase on credit reports nationwide.

If you haven’t pulled any of your credit reports recently now would be the time to do so. You can access all three of your credit reports and continuously monitor them at the following: Nav, MyFreeScoreNow.com and MyFico.


Nav is the first online platform that consolidates personal and business credit monitoring and reporting. They also provide 24/7 alerts, ID theft protection and credit monitoring. Nav provides great resources for businesses as well as individuals with personalized profile options. Experian, Equifax and Transunion reports are accessible with their service.


MyFreeScoreNow.com is an industry leader in providing free credit scores and score report, access to ScoreTracker and email alerts. They also provide identity theft protection along with a free 7-day trial. MyFreeScoreNow.com provide excellent educational resources for their customers such as a blog, ABC’s of Credit and Bureau Basics. These resources give you more detailed information on the factors that impact your credit score to help you manage it better. Experian, Equifax and Transunion reports are accessible with their service.


MyFico is a leading expert in providing credit reports, scores and resources to consumers online. They provide 28 of the most widely used FICO scores that 90% of top lenders use for mortgage, auto and credit card lending. MyFico provides a community of financial and credit information for its users, savings and credit cards and goal setting calculators. Experian, Equifax and Transunion reports are accessible with their service.

If you have any further questions about the September 15th changes or any of the resources that I have mentioned above please feel free to ask.

New Credit Score Law

The three major credit score bureaus Experian, Transunion and Equifax are going to be held to a new standard effective July 1, 2017 that will benefit consumers in the United States. The new change was implemented following a report that was released by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau regarding issues with credit reporting companies resulting in reporting changes that actual help consumers.

The change will be reflected on your credit reports; it is called the National Consumer Assistance Plan. Under this program the three national reporting agencies; Experian, Transunion and Equifax, will be removing tax liens and judgements. It has been estimated by FICO that about 7 percent of the population’s credit reports will be affected by this change. This equates to approximately 96% of civil judgements and about half of all tax liens.

This will result in up to a 20-point increase on the credit reports that are   affected.  This is great news for those that have been negatively impacted by these types of items on their credit reports. It will make it easier to borrow for those with lower scores. Additionally, it will lower interest rates for credit cards, mortgages and car loans.

There is also a downside to this new change. Since more borrowers will qualify for loans that they previously were denied interest rates will rise; lenders will  need to do this because of the additional risk that more borrowers bring. There are also other potential scenarios; your scores may stay the same or your scores may decrease.


If your credit report consists of various derogatory entries which include multiple late payments or collections accounts you may not see any change in your credit score immediately. However, you may see an increase in your scores when the other derogatory items start to drop off your credit reports so in this case the positive impact will be a delayed one.

The other potential scenario that the National Consumer Assistance Plan may cause credit scores to decrease. This scenario is highly unlikely for most credit reports. However, this may hold true for those that have very little information reported on their credit reports except for this negative information.

To monitor and verify whether these items have been removed from your own credit report you must be able to access it. You can do so online, there are many great resources available.  The Nav website is a great place to monitor your credit and it also provides you with the most up-to-date credit changes and information. As always you can also access your credit reports at any one of the three major credit bureaus; Experian, Equifax or Transunion. If you have any further questions feel free to do so below.

Equifax small business credit

How to Establish Business Credit

If you are looking for ways to build business credit the best time to get started is now. You need to establish your business credit score long before you need to use it.

To establish business credit there are specific steps required: incorporate or form an LLC, obtain a federal EIN (employer identification number), open a business bank account and set up a phone line dedicated just for your business and make sure it’s listed.

To apply for an incorporated business license or to form an LLC you need to complete the application process. You can do this at www.legalzoom.com or www.bizfilings.com. The next step is to obtain your EIN (employer identification number) which can be completed at www.irs.gov. An EIN is to a business what a SSN is for an individual; it is a form of federal identification. The next step is to open a business bank account and landline phone; those processes should be simple and familiar.

Your business credit scores range on a scale of 0-100; with 100 representing a lower risk. There are numerous factors that attribute to your business credit score: credit utilization, payment habits, number of trade experiences, outstanding balances, trends over time, recent public records, frequency and dollar amount, demographics such as years on file and Standard Industrial Classification codes and business size.

Having an excellent credit score for your business is essential to your companies’ success.  Once you have established your business credit you need to maintain it and keep improving on it, just as you do for your personal credit file.

One of the first things you should do to establish your business credit is open a business credit card; make sure to keep the balance below 30% of the overall credit limit. Next, establish a line or lines of credit with suppliers
and vendors; a healthy number would be 3-5 vendors. Ensure that you handle these accounts responsibly and maintain a good credit relationship with them.

Monitor your credit, don’t ever assume that all information is being reported correctly because that is not always the case. It is not uncommon for errors to be present on your credit reports so always personally ensure that all information contained in your business credit report is accurate.

This task can be simplified by using a credit monitoring service; you can arrange for real-time alerts to be sent to you by text or email if there are any changes in your business credit reports.

Equifax Small Business Equifax business credit monitoring

Equifax Small Business credit reporting has many various products to suit different company needs. They provide credit score education, data breach products, identity theft protection and credit monitoring. Equifax Small Business also provides credit reports for key customers, suppliers, and partners. They are one of the 3 major credit bureaus and a trusted authority for identity protection and credit scores.

Experian My Business Profile

Experian My Business Profile is also another one of the 3 major credit bureaus as well as a trusted authority for credit monitoring and products. They offer 4 different business credit score monitoring packages with various credit reporting criteria. Experian also offers identity theft protection as well as real-time alerts. I personally use Experian for my personal credit report monitoring and highly recommend their services.


Transunion is one of the 3 credit bureaus and is also a trusted authority for credit monitoring. They have various products such as fraud detection/prevention, investigations/collections, identity verification/authentication and customer analytics/consulting. Transunion has a suite of business solutions which can assist with assessing risk and preventing fraud prior to it happening, an excellent addition to your business.


NAV is the first online platform to combine business and personal credit scoring models and allows you to monitor them both. NAV also has resources that offer business credit cards and financing for business loans. It is like a one-stop shop for all your business credit needs

These steps and resources will assist help you establish credit and maintain it. If possible, make sure that the accounts that you have been reporting to multiple business credit reporting agencies. This will help you build your business credit faster.

I hope this information has been helpful. If you have any further questions or comments please be sure to leave them below and I will get back to you. You can also email me at shwana@yourcreditrestoredfast.com.

Restore Your Own Credit

To restore your own credit, you will need some great resources at your disposal for step-by-step instructions; thankfully today we have the world wide web. In addition to the internet, there are publications that have tips, techniques and dispute letter templates that you can use to get the negative or erroneous items on your credit reports removed.

Below I have outlined a few options that will guide you step-by-step through the credit repair process.

Hidden Credit Repair Secrets: Step-by-Step 6 Letter Dispute Plan Included

If you prefer to restore your credit on your own I recommend Hidden Credit Repair Secrets: Step-by-Step 6 Letter Dispute Plan Included. This book has over 204 positive reviews and is a very small investment that comes with a very large return, an excellent credit score. Hidden Credit Repair Secrets also includes the dispute letters needed to get your negative reported items removed off your credit. Buying options for this product are new/used paperback, Kindle and Audiobook from Audible.

Legal Loopholes: Credit Repair Tactics Exposed 

This book was written by Charles Dickens who is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker and legal strategist. He has helped many regain their financial freedom and improve their overall creditworthiness. Legal Loopholes will help you remove negative items on your credit report that are negatively affecting your credit score; accurate and inaccurate alike. The techniques used by the author increased his credit score over 100 points within 30 days. Included in this paperback are little-known legal provisions that assist with your credit restoration. Buying options for this product are new/used paperback and Kindle.

How to Remove ALL Negative Items from your Credit Report: Do It Yourself Guide to Dramatically Increase Your Credit Rating

This is a simple step-by-step guide which aids in the removal of all derogatory items even if they belong to you. How to Remove ALL Negative Items from your Credit Report has a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating with over 501 customer reviews! You can purchase this as a new/used paperback or for Kindle.

Repair Your Credit Like the Pros: How credit Attorneys and Certified Consultants Legally Delete Dad Credit and Restore your Good Name

This book has a 4.8 out of 5 stars review with over 162 reviews. You  will be able to repair your own credit like certified consultants and lawyers. This is the 2017 expanded edition so you will have access to the most updated techniques. The author has her own financial website and has been featured in Forbes, Businessweek and The New York Times.

These are just a few options that I found to have crucial information and techniques to help those that are wanting to get started with getting your credit back on track. The steps and instructions are easy to follow and the authors are credible and professionals within their respective fields. These resources are very reasonably priced. If you have any further questions or comments feel free to leave them below.

Curadebt get out of debt today

Best Debt Management Plans

To get your debts under control you have two choices; either manage yourGetting out of debt own debt or find the best debt management plan that you can. If you find that you are not very disciplined at following a budget I would recommend the latter. Below I have outlined a couple options that I consider to be the top debt management plans that are offered.

Accredited Debt Relief

Reduce your Debt

Accredited Debt Relief provides multiple options such as bankruptcy consultation services, debt consolidation, debt management and debt settlement services. They have over 20 years of experience in the debt relief and financial services industry.

Accredited Debt Relief has an A+ with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and their members are all AFCC (American Fair Credit Council) accredited. They are listed as one of the nation’s top-rated debt consolidation companies in ConsumerAffairs.com, ConsumerAdvocate.com, BestCompany.com, Top10DebtConsolidation.com, and ELegitimate.com.

Woman upset about debt

Accredited Debt Relief has posted their settlements that their negotiations team has achieved on their website with some of the largest financial institutions. They offer loans in the following states: AK, AL, AZ, CA, DC, FL, IN, MD, MI, MO, NC, NE, NM, NY, OH, OK, SD and VA. Accredited Debt Relief does not provide the debt relief services, they have a network of partners that they match you with.


Link to form for free savings estimate for debt assistance

Curadebt provides a wide range of services such as debt relief, debt settlement program, tax debt relief for IRS and state tax debts, debt negotiation and debt consolidation programs. Curadebt provides debt relief services to all states except the following: CO, CT, GA, ID, IL, KS, ND, NH, OR, SC, VT, WA, WI, and WV. In addition, their tax services and not provided in CO or IL.

There is a wealth of information on their website; they even provide information on how to select a reputable debt relief and tax resolution company.  In addition, they have a lot of information about their different plans and services with definitions about each type of service. I found their website to be very informative.

Curadebt has been in business for over 16 years and they have excellent reviews from their previous clients. What sets them apart from other companies is that after you successfully complete their debt relief program they give you an opportunity to work with a credit restoration company. For the past 9 years, Curadebt has been rated #1 or in the top 2 in Top Consumer Reviews for “Best Debt Relief Companies”.

Debt settlement evaluation

The Curadebt program has also integrated with FDCPA/TCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act/Telephone Consumer Protection Act) protection which can result in monetary rewards for their clients in addition to debt dismissals. They are certified members of the AFCC (American Fair Credit Council), IAPDA (International Association of Debt Arbitrators), US Chamber of Commerce and more.

Curadebt’s prices are on average 20% lower than that of other debt relief companies and programs.

In short, if you are contemplating using an agency to help you resolve your debt issues the above options are top-rated resources. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below, I will get back to you shortly.Get out of debt

Trim Financial Mobile Application

Ways to Make Extra Money From Home

$100 bills in rubberbandsWays to Make Extra Money From Home

The best ways to increase your credit score is to pay off your debts as quickly as you can. This will lower your debt-to-income ratio and therefore boost your credit score. The problem is that many of us do not have the income to do so. Many of us are struggling just to pay our daily living expenses it can be difficult to allocate money for anything else.

To do this, you will need extra income. To generate the additional income needed to pay off your debts you will need to pick up another job or borrow the money. The problem with borrowing the money is if you do not have a friend or family member with the extra money that is willing to loan it to you that option is out.  So, the next viable option is to get a part-time job.

There are many part-time jobs that you can pick up even those that you can do from home. Another option would be a side hustle such as house or yard cleaning although a part-time job is more stable and lucrative. Luckily, there are many home-based job opportunities that are available in abundance, due largely in part to the internet. These prospects allow for more flexibility and you can schedule your hours around your regular full-time job.

Uber – Lyft

First up are Uber and Lyft, if you are not familiar with these companies I will be more than happy to define them for you. They are both ride-share outfits that hire people to provide other individuals with transportation to their desired location. You can contact either through an app on your telephone at any time day or night for a fee. It appears these services have replaced taxi services; they are much more convenient, timely and inexpensive. You use your own vehicle for this transportation although Uber does have a program where they provide the vehicles to their drivers.

1099-MomComputer on desk in home office

This is a great resource for the work-at-home mom who has clerical or sales skills. There are job postings such as blogging, freelance writing, proofreading and many other professions that can be done from the comfort of your own home.

TaskRabbit Tasker

If your skill lies in fixing things, cleaning or running errands, this is the job for you. Taskrabbit.com takes care of collecting payments and advertising for a minimal fee which equates to a small percentage of your earnings.

Virtual Assistant Jobs/Zirtual

If your skills lie in transcription services, data entry, editing and proofreading and medical billing there are services that will find clients for you at www.virtualassistantjobs.com or www.zirtual.com. These jobs you can work around your full-time positions easily at home in your downtime.

Customer Service/Telephone Jobs

There are countless telephone sales jobs or customer service positions that you can do from home if you have a landline and a computer; ideas can be found at www.Arise.com, www.LiveOps.com or www.WorkingSol.com.


If you like taking pictures you can make money by uploading them to websites such as www.BigStockPhoto.com. Small businesses and larger corporations will pay for them; these companies are always looking for images to put in their emails and brochures.

If you are talented at making things such as hair ornaments, jewelry, painting, and knitting; any type of arts and crafts, they can be sold on www.etsy.com.


If you are good with using accounting software such as QuickBooks you could keep the books for business owners that don’t want to be bothered with the task such as landscapers, plumbers, and carpenters. You can also advertise your services on websites such as www.oDesk.com or www.Elance.com.

With the above ideas, you should have no problem making a little extra money to apply to not only your monthly bills but also your debts.  With stable part-time income, you may even have enough money to put away into a savings account.

There are services like Trim that can also help you with your savings and budgeting; basically, it is a financial personal assistant.  Trim allows you to keep track of all your accounts and charges, identifies expenses that can be reduced, contests overdraft fees with your bank and sends you alerts about your finances plus a lot more.

Trim Financial mobile application
Trim Financial Manager

Well, it’s time to get to work, if you have any additional questions or comments feel free to leave them below.

The Credit Pros Review

Overall Ranking: 9 out of 10
Price: $50-$279
Owners: Damon DeCrescent and Jason M Kaplan Esq
Website: https://thecreditpros.com

The Credit Pros is a financial technology firm that specializes in credit repair services for the public. They have an A+ rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and have been ranked by Inc Magazine as one of Americas 5000 fastest growing companies for the past 2 years. The Credit pros focus’ is on getting erroneous, unverified and inaccurate information removed from your credit reports. The Credit Pros also offer free credit consultations to educate their clients.


The Credit Pros are dedicated to getting items removed that are negatively affecting your credit score; such as past due accounts. On their website, you can find many positive reviews and testimonials which is always a plus. Basically, if you don’t feel like putting the work in on your own to increase your credit score this service seems like a good fit. Since the first step to increasing your credit score is to get the erroneous items removed this service can be invaluable to some. They offer a free consultation so you can be updated on your financial and credit standing. Most importantly, there is a 90-day money back guarantee in conjunction with the ability to cancel their service at any time. If they fail to have erroneous items removed within 90 days they will issue a full refund.

On the other hand, the guarantee does not define whether they will return your money if you want to cancel and items have been removed. This leaves a pretty big loophole which makes me a little nervous. The money back guarantees also do not state if partial month refunds are given. Another issue that I have with The Credit Pros is the cost of the service; I believe that they could provide their service for a more reasonable price.

WHO IT IS FOR                                                  

Those that will benefit most from the use of this product would be beginners, individuals that are just starting out and becoming comfortable with their credit. Sure, even those that are well versed and educated with their credit and the laws that protect them can benefit from this service but in my opinion, the value just isn’t there for those that are comfortable enough to complete the necessary steps to repair their own credit.


Included with their services you get one-on-one consultations with a Certified FICO© professional, unlimited disputes, debt validation letters to creditors, goodwill letters to creditors, cease and desist letters to collection agencies and 24/7 access to your client portal.

There is also unlimited access to their blog which is filled with valuable information. This information includes updates to many types of credit information and laws. In my opinion, this information is invaluable.

==>Click Here Now to Get Started with The Credit Pros<==


The Credit Pros can be contacted by telephone between 9am-8pm EST Monday – Friday and they have an email where you can submit your comments and questions. The phone number on the website is manned by the credit repair specialists.


The Credit Pros’ Pay for Results plan is $179 for individuals and $279 for couples, this is just the first down payment. In addition to the initial payments, for every item removed that they confirm has been deleted from your credit report they bill you an additional $50 per each item per each bureau. If the deletion is a public record $75 will be billed per item per bureau.

As you can see depending on the number of items removed from your credit reports this number can vary. On their website, they say that the $179 or $279 is the first payment but it is not clear whether there will be additional payments monthly,

And The Verdict Is…

In summary, The Credit Pros is a great resource and I would recommend this service to those that are new to the credit repair arena or those that do not have the time to dedicate to repairing their own credit.

You will need money to pay for this service, but an excellent credit score is worth it. The small investment that you make towards restoring your credit will be earned almost immediately.

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